Boat registration

A vessel including a boat and PWC, that uses (or is capable of using) an engine for propulsion in Victorian waters must be registered and seaworthy.  Registration renewal is required every 12 months.


To register a vessel in your name, you must be at least 14 years old. A company or incorporated association can have a boat registered in its name.

A vessel can only be registered in one name.

Registering your vessel

Your vessel must be in a seaworthy condition. The trailer used to tow your vessel will also need to be registered. Check the requirements for registering your trailer here

For the registration numbers on powered vessels, the following applies:

  • Numbers must be at least 150mm high on each side of the vessel
  • Registration labels must be affixed in a conspicuous position on the outside or upper position of the vessel

For full details on the steps needed to register your boat, please click here

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