PWC Safety Equipment

The importance of safety equipment

The operator and passengers, including anyone being towed, must wear an approved lifejacket Type 1, 2 or 3 at all times. PWCs must also carry a working, waterproof and buoyant torch at all times. A torch can be used to signal the shore or other vessels if you encounter difficulties.

A registered EPIRB is to be carried on all vessels, including PWCs, if operating more than 2 nm from the coast. Consider carrying an EPIRB on all waters or wearing a PLB in case you are separated from your PWC.

More detailed information on safety equipment can be found in Chapter 3 of our Marine Licence Course, but it can also be found in the Victorian boating safety handbook.

PWC navigation lights

Just like a normal recreational boat, a PWC must also show the port and starboard (red and green) sidelights if operating at night time. Note that a mast may be required for the all-round white light to ensure it is not obscured by the occupant(s).

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