Preparing for the test

Now that you’ve learnt the various aspects of boating safety, it’s time to prepare for the exam.

To obtain your licence, you need to pass the marine licence knowledge test. It consists of 30 multiple choice questions and you’ll need to get at least 26 questions right to pass.

The test is done digitally at VicRoads & you’ll probably need to book it ahead of time, depending on how busy your local motor reg is. To find your local centre, click here.

The price of the test is around $40; this is payable to VicRoads.

Once you pass the test, they’ll let you know immediately of your result and issue your licence there and then if you are successful. You can go boating straight away once this occurs.

Before you head down to VicRoads, complete our practice exam. We’ve given you the exact same questions as the ones you’ll face at the motor reg. You have an unlimited number of attempts here for practice.

When you’re ready, advance through this course.

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