Thank you for choosing our course.

The following ‘Marine Licence & Boating Safety Course’ has been created by our experienced training team to ensure you receive the highest quality education so you can develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to go boating safely & responsibly.

This course is an industry-first initiative & it is designed to help begin your journey to become a safe, responsible skipper throughout Victorian waterways.

You will be using this eLearning course to access the education and submit practice quizzes.

How To Report Your Progress

Once you’ve finished reading a lesson, click ‘mark complete’. This will store your progress and get your that one step closer to completion. You’ll be able to re-visit that lesson at any time for future reference if you wish to do so.

You can also click ‘next lesson’, however this will not report your progress.

Sections of this course

The main course is broken up into 6 easy-to-understand sections, each consisting consisting of boating safety education lessons that you need to know to get the licence. 

Each section will contain a practice quiz that will help prepare for the test. These are the very same questions you’ll face at VicRoads. You’ll have completed the course once all lessons are marked as complete and all tests have been passed.

There is no time limit for the quizzes but there is a recommend completion time on them to use as a guide.

When you’re ready to begin, use the buttons below to progress.

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