Getting your Victorian Marine licence

The best way to get your marine licence is to attend our course.Girl passes boating licence course

Courses are held everywhere in Victoria.

Upon attending the course and successful completion, you will be qualified to:

  • Obtain the marine licence certificate entitling you to your Victorian Marine Licence (Boating Licence)
  • Relax knowing you have superior knowledge of  safe boating
  • Get your marine licence as soon as possible and hassle free

By tapping into our expert trainers it is the quick way to get your marine licence. And it is made clear!

Upon successful course completion, you will receive a certificate. You are now qualified. Present this certificate to a VicRoads customer service centre and you will be issued with your Marine licence. No further testing is required.

Courses are delivered regularly throughout Victoria. They are easy and fun courses for you to get your Marine licence sooner.

Attend the course, get your licence, go boating legally and with confidence.

You will need to call the Vic Safety Trainer directly on 0422 438 732.