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Marine and PWC licence online today

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We deliver marine licence and PWC endorsement courses for all Victorian boaters. Everything you’ll need to get through the licence is provided through our online course. With us, you can start today!

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Marine Licence Online Today

Online Licence Courses

The marine licence and PWC endorsement course can now be completed online using our in-depth eLearning platform. Do the course and licence exam from the comfort of your own home!

Face-to-face Licence Course

We can run a course in your town/suburb. To organise this, reach out to our office team using the enquiry form below and we'll set it all up. Minimum numbers apply.

Why Choose Us

Our licence courses are quite popular

Quality Education

Every video, course and slide utilises our 30+ year history.

Accredited Training

All training and testing accredited by Transport Safety Victoria.

Most Popular

We've produced more skippers than anyone else!

Flexible Training

Online courses = do it in your free time bit by bit, or all at once.

Australia's #1 Choice

30 years experience, thousands of successful students.

Victoria's Cheapest

Get premium quality training and a bargain price.

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Vic Boating Licence Course

We make getting your marine licence simple!

Marine licence

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Bookings for the marine licence and PWC endorsement course can be made online or over the phone via the number below. If you have any other enquiries, please complete our contact form.

Vic Boating Licence Course

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