The course can be purchased online, or over the phone with our office team on 0422 438 732 (9am to 5pm weekdays)

Current course pricing can be found on the course product page.

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As per company policy, all sales are final. In the event that you cannot attend the course, refunds are not available.

Licence Process

It’s actually rather simple! After successfully completing our course and passing the test, take the paperwork the trainers give you to VicRoads. You’ll be able to purchase your licence there and then without doing any further tests. No practical training is required for this licence. 

You must be at least 12 years old to obtain a marine (boat) licence, and you must be at least 16 years old for the PWC endorsement (jetski licence).

Students aged 16 & up qualify for the full ‘adult’ marine licence.

You’ll need to already have (or be doing at the same course) a Victorian marine licence. You cannot obtain a PWC licence on it’s own without a marine licence and you must be aged 16 & up to qualify for the PWC endorsement. Once you’re done with us, simply take the paperwork to VicRoads to upgrade your marine licence to the marine & PWC licence. No practical training is required for this licence. 

Upon successful completion, you need to take our paperwork into VicRoads within 12 months from the date of the course. There, you’ll pay the applicable licence fees and be issued the licence. No further testing is required.

After you complete the course and pass your exam, we’ll post out your qualification. You can take this into VicRoads as soon as you receive this.

The course has an expiry date of 21 days, this starts from the day of purchase. If the course is not completed within the 21 days, the course will need to be repurchased and started again.

Guaranteeing a pass to get a licence puts yourself and the boating community at risk. No one should expect to be passed through without a substantial understanding of the rules of the water. Thankfully, our experience in training and knowledge of boating safety helps the overwhelming majority of students pass on day 1.

Whilst we understand no one wants to fail a test, we must abide by Transport Safety Victoria’s rules and our own testing rules. You may be allowed more than one attempt on the day but multiple failed attempts will mean you may need to re-attend another course after some more study.

Yes, this course is 100% online and fully accredited by Transport Safety Victoria.

Definitely! However it would need to be a group booking. For further details please call 0422 438 732

Assuming it is within the 12 month expiry period, we are able to recreate your paperwork and post out a copy to you. All forms are dated from the original date of your test/course and cannot be future-dated to include another 12 months.
An administrative fee applies to recreate lost paperwork. To arrange this, you will need to send us an email, or give us a call.

Once the certificate has gone past 12 months from date of issue, you will need to re-attend a course and re-sit the test. If you do not want to do this, you can simply attempt the test at VicRoads instead. We cannot extend the date on previous certificates, so please make sure you take it into VicRoads within the allotted timeframe.


All training is delivered by Sailingworld pty ltd t/a Boating Licence Course (ACN # 092 478 718 | RTO # 91229). We do not contract out our services, all training is done from our own professional, experienced and vetted training team.

– A computer/laptop that has a microphone AND a camera. We recommend a PC/laptop running Windows 10 running Google Chrome.
– Zoom application (free download here).

Our e-learning platform works best on Windows 10 and Mac computers. It has not been tested on Android/IOS phones due the sheer range of devices and operation version.

The online course is completed through an internet browser. It works with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers (using default settings). Other browsers have NOT confirmed to be 100% working with the eLearning platform.

Testing is done with our trainers weekly on Tuesday, with 11:30am and 12pm sessions available.

Evidence of Identity (EOI)

All students must meet the EOI requirement listed here. 

Typically, a valid Vic drivers licence is fine for adults, and an Australian birth certificate is great for kids.

You are welcome to sit the course for knowledge purposes only, however you will be required to provide acceptable EOI in order to attempt the licence exam. This typically involves attending another course later on. You cannot come back just to do the exam; you must complete another course. 

NOTE: an administrative fee may apply in these scenarios. 

No. All EOI submitted must either be the original, or a copy that has been certified by a Justice of the Peace.

Digital forms of EOI cannot be accepted (i.e., no photos of your ID)

For the most up to date information on what EOI is acceptable please visit Vic Roads official website.

We update our policies on ID in accordance to the state.

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