Online Marine & PWC Licence Course

We run accredited licence courses so you can obtain the Victorian Marine Licence and Personal Watercraft Endorsement. 

Complete the Victorian marine & PWC licence course and exam online with our comprehensive eLearning platform. 

Start Online Now

Purchase the course and you'll gain immediate access to the various course materials. Work through these at your own pace, or cram it in a single sitting; the choice is up to you.

Do Your Test Online

Once you've finished the course, arrange a testing time (run every few days) and our training team will conduct the official licence exam with you.

Get Your Qualification

Once you pass the licence exam, we'll post out your qualification the same day. Simply take this into VicRoads and you can purchase your licence.


Our licence courses are designed for beginners so you can go boating regardless of your marine experience.


With experienced trainers utilising audio and visual assets, our courses are designed to be fun and educational.


We are accredited by Transport Safety Victoria to deliver online and in-person marine licence and PWC endorsement courses.


We offer competitive rates across all our courses with no hidden fees or slimy sales tactics.

Some FAQ's...

Our online marine & PWC licence course contains audio and visual teaching from our training team. This is delivered across a variety of teaching methods to enhance knowledge and testing outcomes.

The teachings within our course have been specifically designed for Victorian boaters by a local team of boating experts (i.e., our trainers!)

The course has been designed for use on a PC/Mac with a Google Chrome browser. 

The device you use will need to have a microphone and a camera (as this is mandatory for the online test).

The course content will take you around 4 hours to complete. You’re able to start immediately upon purchase of the course. Run through the course in a single evening, or bit by bit over a few weeks. 

You need to be at least 12 years old to obtain the marine licence, and at least 16 years old to obtain the PWC endorsement. 

Everybody does the same course regardless of age, as extra safety information never hurts.

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